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Also known as the Rxe-sourceSM service, we can help you achieve 24x7 pharmacy coverage at your facility – and improve medication safety for your patients through an affordable, practical alternative for supplemental peak-hour coverage or for staffing the third shift. We provide remote medication order entry and review – anytime of the day or night – by highly trained pharmacists, who are fully licensed and state board approved, at one of our eight regional service centers across the United States. Pharmacist coverage by hospital complies with each state’s specific regulatory licensure requirements and individual licensure details are provided for each client hospital.


How our Remote Order Entry service works:

  1. Simply fax or scan a medication order to one of our nine, fully licensed and state board-approved Pharmacy Service Centers.
  2. Orders are queued so STAT orders are reviewed first. A Cardinal Health pharmacist logs into your hospital’s pharmacy computer system through a secure, encrypted, HIPAA-compliant connection, and then reviews and enters the order, and documents any clinical consultations.
  3. Through the use of automated dispensing cabinets, the medication is automatically approved for nurse access.


Benefits of our Remote Order Entry service

  • Enables 24x7 pharmacy coverage
  • Supplements your staff during peak hours of high demand
  • Complies with The Joint Commission’s Medication Management Standards and National Patient Safety Goals on prospective pharmacist order review and hand-off communication
  • Increases nursing satisfaction and improves employee retention
  • Improves drug turnaround times
  • Automates prioritization of STAT orders
  • Enables eMAR technology
  • Helps offset burden of overtime labor
  • Complies with regulatory and state licensure requirements
  • Guarantees coverage on holidays, sick days and vacations
  • More cost effective than hiring additional staff and using contract agencies


Value and savings

Our Remote Order Entry service generally saves hospitals 20-30% or more of what it would cost if the hospital staffed the overnight hours themselves. Other financial benefits include cost savings associated with avoided medication errors and clinical interventions performed by our remote pharmacists, as well as avoidance of recruiting costs. In addition, our service guarantees coverage during service hours -- our service is never interrupted by holidays, sick days or vacations.


About our experts

Cardinal Health pioneered remote order entry services in 2003 and participated in authoring the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists’ (ASHP) Guidelines on Remote Order Entry.  Further, our licensed pharmacists are trained on your hospital’s policies and procedures and operate from one of nine regional Pharmacy Service Centers.  Each center is fully state board-approved and HIPAA compliant, and our pharmacists maintain multi-state licenses and maintain compliance with 11 ASHP competencies. 


How can we help?

We provide service both during peak demand hours and when the pharmacy is typically closed.  Please contact us today to learn how our industry-leading experts can help your hospital.