The Protexis™ Brand

Our Protexis™ portfolio was created for one simple reason: To serve you better.

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Protexis™ is the new brand name of the powder-free portfolio of surgical gloves from Cardinal Health.  From now on, the name of every surgical glove we offer will clearly communicate the material it’s made from, as well as its key features.  It’s all part of our commitment to delivering superior protection in the simplest way possible.

Our Protexis™ portfolio includes products you know and use today (for instance, Duraprene™, Esteem® and Protegrity®), as well as new and advanced solutions.  Ultimately, you’ll be able to meet all of your surgical needs with this single, powerful portfolio.  We believe this new level of convenience — along with our exceptional glove fit and feel — will make Protexis™ your surgical gloves of choice.



Our Protexis™ portfolio combines materials with state-of-the-art technologies to provide complete protection –– beyond the physical barrier expected from a surgical glove.  Our surgical gloves are engineered to cover every contingency:

  • Staff protection – from blood and bodily fluid contact
  • Patient safety – from contamination and powder-related post-operative complications, such as granulomas
  • Budget controls – by matching the proper glove to each surgical application across multiple price points


Comfort and performance

Our ultimate goal is to protect you and your patients.  But, we understand that there’s no benefit in our advanced protective features if you don’t like the way our gloves feel. 

The Protexis™ portfolio provides wearers with a unique second-skin comfort for worry-free performance.  As part of our development process, we gather input from key healthcare professionals and clinicians in order to provide you with surgical glove solutions that anticipate your needs, and offer built-in wear and care advantages.  These advantages include:

  • Proprietary materials and advanced technologies to promote exceptional fit and feel
  • Exclusive hand mold with an independent thumb design allows for an anatomical fit and more natural movement in the fingers, thumb and palm
  • Proprietary interlocking, beaded cuff design that reduces roll-down



Protexis™ surgical gloves are the only gloves in the industry backed by Cardinal Health –– long recognized for its manufacturing expertise and commitment to conscientious and cost-effective care.  Our solutions reflect our special focus on surgical and hospital communities through:

  • A technologically advanced glove manufacturing process with multi-level quality control systems that ensure consistent production and a top-quality finished product
  • Strength, flexibility and quality standards that meet FDA and ASTM criteria
  • The commitment of Cardinal Health to advancing product quality and improving the cost-effectiveness of healthcare