Customize your approach with the right products and services

Your inventory mix, staff and work processes are unique. Your inventory management solution should be too. That's why we've created a single, cloud-based software platform that supports multiple tools — from RFID-enabled Smart Cabinets and Smart Wand to barcoding and 2-Bin Kanban. Cardinal Health Inventory Management Solutions let you combine tools and technologies on one software platform to fit your hospital's needs:

Storage cabinets with RFID readers for ultimate automated counting accuracy and real-time visibility
Handheld RFID tag reader that works in combination with a mobile application in any storage or clinical area; our Smart Wand can even read 1D/2D barcodes
Leverage suppliers' barcodes for inventory management and usage capture
A signaling solution combining lean management with our cloud-based software
Easy-to-use touchscreen terminals in care areas that feature built-in barcode and RFID readers
Designed to ensure compatibility with existing IT systems, including materials management, billing, clinical documentation, EMR and more
Powerful tools that detect trends and unlock business intelligence