Cost Management Reduce costs by increasing control

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"Right size" your on-hand inventory.

Our suite of solutions features multiple tools to help ensure you're not overspending on surplus inventory or incurring rush delivery charges to address stockouts.

  • RFID-enabled tracking — You always know what you have on hand — eliminating stockouts and surpluses
  • 2-Bin Kanban — helps optimize bin levels, while alerting you to demand fluctuations

Improve labor efficiency.

Eliminating unnecessary interactions and steps saves time and money. Our tools and technologies are designed to make it happen.

  • RFID-enabled Smart Cabinets — fully automate counting and tracking — including capture of lot, serial and expiration information
  • RFID-enabled Smart Wand — eliminate manual counting and data entry — and save time previously spent searching for products
  • 2-Bin Kanban — clinicians spend less time on materials-related tasks, more time on patient care
  • Integrated Advanced Analytics — having a single repository for all supply data reduces time spent consolidating data from multiple systems

Reduce shrinkage.

Losing or misplacing a high-cost item can have serious cost implications. We can help you keep track of critical supplies in real time.

  • RFID-enabled Smart Cabinets and web-based software — alert you to missing items in real-time, so loss is prevented before it occurs

Uncover bulk purchase opportunities.

Our software lets you know what your clinicians use most, so you can buy it in bulk and reduce per-unit costs.

  • Bulk buy calculator — puts the provider in control of what and how many to buy based on actual usage trends
  • Integrated Advanced Analytics — aggregates hospital and system-wide inventory consumption to detect trends

Improve charge capture.

By accurately linking item usage to individual patients, you can ensure your hospital is properly reimbursed. Our tools make it easy.

  • Point of use stations — when placed in patient care and interventional areas, clinicians can efficiently connect the supplies that are used with patient, clinical and billing records