Usage tracking: Real usage insights — even in real time

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Link usage to patients and clinicians.

Ideal for high-cost supplies and implantables, our tools let you see exactly which items are used — by physician and patient. This also provides a true inventory reduction signal, rather than one assumed based on cycle counts.

  • Point of use stations — Products are captured at the time of use, ensuring accurate patient billing — down to the lot or serial number of products consumed
  • Integrated Advanced Analytics — enable a deeper understanding of physician preferences and costs

Monitor consumption in real time.

With item-level RFID tagging, our technologies enable ultimate inventory visibility and control.

  • RFID-enabled Smart Cabinets and web-based software — together, these tools automatically count items and update your database, every 20 minutes
  • Point of use stations — give clinicians the ability to log supplies as they're used in patient care

Improve forecasting and reordering.

Our solutions help you recognize fluctuations in demand and optimize your on-hand inventory.

  • RFID-enabled Smart Cabinets — enables real-time inventory tracking with 99.996% accuracy
  • RFID-enabled Smart Wand — ensures accurate counting for a clearer picture of consumption
  • 2-Bin Kanban — helps optimize bin levels, while alerting you to demand fluctuations
  • Web-based software — feature built-in par level alerts, as well as automated reordering