Recover the cost of medications used in the treatment of your uninsured patients

Millions of patients across the United States cannot afford the cost of their medications. This includes the cost of hospital-administered inpatient medications, outpatient medications and expensive oncology pharmaceutical drugs and devices. With the rising number of uninsured patients receiving charity care, it is imperative that healthcare providers capitalize on every drug-saving opportunity.

The Patient Assistance Program (PAP), offered by many pharmaceutical drug manufacturers, provides free prescription medications to qualifying patients who meet specified requirements. However, each manufacturer establishes varying qualifications and requires different proofs of indigent status. Further, each manufacturer uses a unique set of forms which are sometimes difficult to locate.

The eRecovery program relieves healthcare facilities of the arduous process of accessing manufacturer PAP programs. From identifying eligible patients to reporting program results, eRecovery provides a complete end-to-end drug recovery solution.

  • $31M in medications and devices recovered annually
  • 40,000 patient claims processed
  • 164 locations served
  • No upfront expense to customers


Recover the cost of medications used in the treatment of your uninsured patients Learn more
eRecovery Onsite

eRecovery Onsite

Outsource the process of accessing pharmaceutical manufacturers' patient assistance programs Learn more

eRecovery Remote

Outsource the process of assessing pharmaceutical manufacturer's patient assistance programs Learn more
eRecovery Online

eRecovery Online

Brings patient assistance program forms, requirements and instructions to your fingertips Learn more

eRecovery helps UMC achieve dramatic results:

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Chelsea Fuller
eRecovery Marketing Manager

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eRecovery Operations Manager

Hear what our customers are saying

Hear what our customers are saying

“This is one of the most successful collaborations we've ever had...”
Cindi Roehr, Associate Administrator
Professional and Support Services
University Medical Center

“The eRecovery™ program starts with strong manufacturer relationships — and a commitment to capitalize on and prioritize opportunities...”
Dustin Reed, Director of Program Management
Pharmacy Distribution
Acute Care Cardinal Health

“If it weren't for eRecovery™ assisting patients with access to PAPs, we couldn't treat many Hepatitis C patients...”
Dr. Kevin D. Prince
UMC Wellness Center

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