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The Supplier Data Management team is available Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

Please contact us for questions or assistance. Calls regarding doing business with Cardinal Health are not handled by Supplier Data Management.

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Supplier Gateway

Cardinal Health is committed to the efficient, cost effective management, purchase, and payment of goods or services for business use.  To accomplish this, Cardinal Health centralized the decision-making authority for the purchase of Indirect Goods or Services. The Indirect Procurement department partners with suppliers to take advantage of the centralized procurement processes, negotiated rates, standard contractual terms and conditions, and savings opportunities. Employees may not purchase or contract for the purchase of Indirect Goods or Services unless specifically permitted by Cardinal Health policy or approved in writing in advance by the Chief Financial Officer or his or her designee.

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Supplier selection is a critical step in our sourcing and procurement process. While we can’t guarantee that your company will be selected to do business with Cardinal Health. A complete and thorough profile is important to our business process. Tell us about you or your company and how you can support our indirect procurement needs.